Confucius Institute

I have made several presentations about Guzheng, which is a Chinese traditional string instrument. By the invitation of the Confucius Institute and World Music Class of the University of Oregon, I have earned the experience about promoting culture, presenting skills and public speech.

Hypothetical Design for Oregon Social Learning Center

Download: Cover Design Because employee is the core audience for the handbook, I want to put the idea about “every employee should get involved” into my cover design. I gathered all the scientists’ smiling portraits to compose my half of cover and put the OSLC logo in the center. In this way, I can show that … More Hypothetical Design for Oregon Social Learning Center

Multimedia Project-Central Little School

This is a group work, my group members and I went to the central school and worked together to record this video. Central Little School is a private elementary school in Veneta, Oregon that sets itself apart from the other elementary schools in the area. As a private schools, it did not has any promotional platforms. After the … More Multimedia Project-Central Little School

Chinese Philanthropic Leadership-annual project

After the competition of all of the events within a year, CPLA will use its profit that is eared by those events to support the annual project. The past two years, we cooperated with some famous Chinese media and stars to promote our projects, which mainly focused on Chinese left-behind children and environment. Our plans included choosing the villages where have … More Chinese Philanthropic Leadership-annual project